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2018 Implementation Team

Arturo Fuentes, Interim CEO
Arturo is a Master’s candidate in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. He has served on five nonprofit boards and spent most of his professional career working internationally building collaborative social impact models that build on cross-sector engagement. He’s been an Arabic instructor at BYU, Executive Director for HELP International, and Chief Impact Officer for the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. 

Melissa Sevy, COO
Melissa is a Founder of Musana (a non-profit) and Fair Kind (a for-profit social venture) both of which work to employ and empower artisans in the developing world by facilitating their entrance into the global market. She is a founding board member of the Social Enterprise Alliance chapter of Utah. She is a university adjunct instructor in public health and community development.

Grey Maxson, Resource Development 
Grey received a Masters in Public Health from George Washington University, and has spent the majority of his field experience on issues related to inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene, malnutrition, and indoor air pollution. Grey has been a consultant for the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO).

Hilary Munger, Impact Assessment and Evaluation
Hilary has an MPA from BYU. She has worked with numerous nonprofits with an emphasis in helping organizational leaders through the process of program evaluation and monitoring, while building programs that allow for statistical analysis of data to measure impact.

Vierra Reid, Graphic Design
Vierra has worked in Public Relations, videography, branding/marketing and web development for Proof Eyewear. She is especially passionate about helping the social sector better communicate their message and impact.