Cancer Wellness House

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About Club Well: 

“Children can react to cancer in many different ways. For example, they may be confused, scared, lonely, or overwhelmed. They might feel guilty and think that something they did or said caused your cancer. Children and teens might feel angry when they are asked to be quiet or to do more chores around the house. Some may miss the amount of attention they're used to getting, regress and behave as they did when they were much younger, or get into trouble at school or at home. Some children and teens might also become clingy and afraid to leave the house (National Cancer Institute, 2014).” This program is for children and teens ages 5-18. Activities include cancer education, crafts and games, outings and parties, but most importantly this group gives teens and children an opportunity to explore cancer in a comfortable and safe environment and create relationships with others experiencing similar situations and struggles.


You do need to sign up to attend Club Well. Each class will meet directly in the Kids Club building, located behind house #57 in the NE corner. All cancelled classes will be posted on the calendar.

Full Schedule To Come:

First Session: June 30, 2017- ZOO DAY

We are always looking to hire new volunteers to help facilitate this program. If you are interested in volunteering to make a difference in the life of a child affected by cancer, please call us at (801) 236-2294 or email us