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Provides six weekly support groups for anyone affected by cancer, seeking a way out of loneliness and isolation.


Advocate Circle

Piggy Bank Circle

Annual Giving


Those who give at this level share their promise for the organization both today and moving into the future. 

Provides one massage session for a member recovering from chemotherapy and suffering the awful effects of neuropathy in his/her feet.

Promise Circle


Provides access for one child to attend a session of ClubWell a program designed for kids and teens navigating the effect of heaving a parent, sibling, or other close relation experiencing cancer.


Angel Circle

Provides six acupuncture sessions for a person diagnosed with melanoma and recovering from surgical treatment.

Cancer Wellness House

Sustainer Circle

Your dollars make a difference! Here are a few examples how:

Crusader Circle

Giving Circle



Visionary Circle

Interested in joining the Cancer Wellness House Circle of Friends? Read below for more information about how your donation makes a difference in the lives of the Cancer Wellness House Clients. 




Provides five clients with a year of supportive services to improve their quality of life.

In addition to the emotional toll a cancer diagnosis can take, the financial costs of cancer are often devastating to individuals and families. Cancer Wellness House offers all of its programs, activities and services at NO COST to the community. That is why your gift is so important. Your generosity will help to ensure that our quality of life-focused programming will be available to meet the increasing and changing needs of individuals with cancer, their families and caregivers.

Provides one family counseling session for a family dealing with an unexpected diagnosed of cancer.