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If you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities please contact us by email or phone. You can also stop by during our regular business hours.  All volunteers must complete a volunteer application.
All applications will be screened and acceptance is discretionary
**We do accept court ordered volunteers depending on the nature and severity of charges**
Program facilitator
In-kind services
group service
office volunteer
Did you know the cancer wellness house is almost completely staffed by volunteers alone?
Volunteer opportunities are always available at Cancer Wellness House. There are different types of volunteer positions. These positions are ongoing. We regularly recruit volunteers for these positions and ask for at least a three month commitment or completion of project. Individuals and groups are welcome to volunteer at Cancer Wellness House. 

Thank  you to our volunteers:



Program Facilitators bring a professional service to the organization and provide their own licensure/certifications and insurance (if necessary) to be able to provide their service to members at NO COST. Professional services include but are not limited to massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, etc.

Internships currently are created through partnerships with academic settings and community service organizations by which there is an internship job description and memorandum of understanding and agreement between the partnership and inter. Internships are designed according to the preference of the partnership and needs of the intern. 

Special Events Committees exist for all of our special events including our flagship annual event Survivors at the Summit and other events such as holiday parties, socials and gatherings, Join in on the fun and join our planning teams for these special events.

Groundskeeping includes helping to keep the grounds well kept and maintained throughout the year. Every season brings its own set of tasks. For the most part this positions entails raking leaves, collecting debris, planting, pruning, sweeping, and more! 

Housekeeping includes helping to keep the house, yoga studio, clubhouse and session rooms neat and tidy as well as clean and germ free. Tasks may include emptying trash, sweeping and mopping, cleaning windows, doing the laundry and much more. 

General office and administrative volunteer work includes helping to keep the organization operating optimally. Tasks may include stuffing envelopes, answering phones, scheduling appointments, data entry, and much more!

Specialized in-kind services include tasks that may require skills obtained by professional training such as plumbing, electrical, information technology, painting and etc. We accommodate specialized and in-kind services as a donation to the organization and tax deductible as allowable by law. 

We also support group service. Bring your group weekly or monthly and we can put together duties for your group to accomplish. 


special event committees